April 2, 2024


The Carlos Moore Law Group is pleased to announce the expansion of its legal services to include expert mediation, with the introduction of former judge and seasoned attorney, Carlos Moore, as the lead mediator.

With over two decades of legal practice, including a wealth of experience on the bench, Carlos Moore is well-equipped to provide professional and efficient mediation services to help parties resolve disputes effectively and amicably. His background as a respected attorney and judge uniquely positions him to facilitate communication, find common ground, and guide parties towards mutually beneficial resolutions.

“I am excited to offer my expertise as a mediator to assist individuals and organizations in resolving conflicts in a constructive manner,” said Attorney Carlos Moore. “I am committed to delivering high-quality mediation services that prioritize collaboration and mutual understanding.”

Whether individuals, businesses, or legal professionals are seeking mediation services, the Carlos Moore Law Group is dedicated to providing a supportive and effective environment for resolving disputes. Clients can expect personalized attention, a commitment to professionalism, and a focus on achieving favorable outcomes through mediation.

For more information about the mediation services offered by the Carlos Moore Law Group, or to inquire about the mediation process, please contact us at casemanager@morebymoore.com. We are available to discuss any potential mediation needs and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.


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