Culture Conversations: The Compton Cowboys and Judge Carlos Moore

LOS ANGELES – In this episode, we speak to Randy Savvy of the Compton Cowboys and Judge Carlos Moore who is working to make a difference for people of color nationwide. Click here to watch the video.

Randy Savvy: Randy Savvy is the leader of The Compton Cowboys, a group of Black cowboys who use their platform to positively influence their community and provide a resource for those eager to escape the city life.  Their motto is: “The streets raised us, the horses saved us.”
“The horses and the whole equestrian culture and lifestyle, these animals, the outdoors, it’s so therapeutic for just us as a people and our environment,  it’s just like this attractive space that once it brings you there, you’re just in this magical land of source….like Narnia,” he explained on the effect their animals have on the community.
Along with trying to diversify the rodeo scene, the Compton Cowboys have helped individuals by keeping them out of jail. Earlier this year, they led a Black Lives Matter “peace ride” after the death of George Floyd.

“It brings out much-needed peace and solace that we need in order to thrive,” he said when describing their impact on the local community.
The Compton Cowboys are a generational product, being created by members of the Compton Jr. Posse started in the late 80s by Mayisha Akbar. The Compton Jr. Posse is a non-profit with a similar mission to keep Compton’s youth off the street and out of trouble through equestrianism.

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Along with being active with the Compton Cowboys, Savvy also infuses cowboy culture into his social media presence and music. Savvy emphasizes his purpose of promoting positivity and combating negative stereotypes through these platforms.  

Savvy also recently collaborated with fellow Compton native Dr. Dre, on his new single “Colorblind.” The song addresses the violence within black communities from a spiritual perspective.  
Being a cowboy is a way of life, it’s a privilege and an honor to serve my community, Savvy declares. “I’m a real cowboy, musician, activist,” he said. 

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Judge Carlos Moore: Judge Carlos Moore admits that his success wasn’t overnight. Moore was raised by a single mother who gave birth to him straight out of high school. Upon overcoming his own personal adversities and getting to where he is today, Moore decided to share his story along with those of four other Black men holding high positions in fields that aren’t “traditionally” seen as attainable by people of color.  

Although not related by blood, “The Five Brothers” documents the stories of Phillip Bazemore, J.D., F. Travis Buchanan, Esq., Neville F. Campbell, MD/MBA, Charles Tucker Jr. Esq., and Judge Moore.

“We thought it was important to tell them the stories behind our success,” he explained. “Athletics and entertainment is not the only way to success.”
Moore took part in changing Mississippi’s state flag.

After South Carolina removed their state flag back in 2015, Moore filed a federal lawsuit for the removal of Mississippi’s former flag which brandished the confederate cross.  Moore fought the case for two years and the case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Finally, the flag was changed this year. It now showcases the state’s flower, the Magnolia.
Moore also spoke about how he plans to use his position as President-elect of the National Bar Association to contribute to the association’s beliefs and efforts towards criminal justice reform, the decriminalization of marijuana, the George Floyd Policing Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and more. 
You can find The Five Brothers exclusively on Amazon.

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