Tennessee Traffic Laws: A Guide to Understanding Liability in Car Accidents

As a resident of Tennessee, you should be familiar with the laws that come into action in the case of car accidents. Being aware of Tennessee’s specific rules of liability in car accident cases is crucial to seeking legal representation. Before you hire a Memphis car accident lawyer, we can help you learn the most important factors regarding liability to get you on the right track. Let’s dive into the details.

Factors Highlighting Tennessee’s Traffic Laws

To understand liability in car accidents, knowing the local traffic laws is an essential step. Here, we have covered the most important factors you should remember.

Comparative Fault System

Tennessee has a modified comparative fault system. It means that the fault may be assigned to multiple parties in a car accident based on the percentage of fault for each party (as determined by the court). If a party is found to be 50% or more guilty, they may lose their right to file recovery claims.

The comparative fault system aims to analyze the factors leading to car accidents accurately and offers compensation to the involved parties based on their part in negligence.

Duty of Care

As a driver in Tennessee, you must adhere to certain legal duties of care to ensure a safe road experience for yourself and others. Failing to meet such requirements can lead you to pay liability for resulting accidents. A good rule is to consult a Memphis car accident lawyer to thoroughly understand the legal requirements for safe driving.

An attorney can guide you on the best practices you should follow to avoid being at fault in car accidents.

Observing Speed Limits

Like other states, Tennessee has speed limits for most roads, making it essential for every driver to observe them. If a driver is found to be speeding before the accident, they will be liable to pay for damages caused to other parties involved in the accident. Excessive speeding is considered a sign of negligent driving.

If you are unsure about the local speed rules, you may check your state’s traffic laws to have a complete understanding of such restrictions.

Distracted Driving

Tennessee prohibits texting while driving, and distracted driving is considered negligent behavior. If a driver causes a road accident while distracted, they may be held liable. In such cases, you may not be able to file for recoveries. However, certain exceptions can be made. It is also worth remembering that distracted driving is prohibited in other states, too.

Consulting your Memphis car accident lawyer can help you analyze those exceptions so you can be watchful about distracted driving.

Get Legal Representation From Carlos Moore Law Group

The above information highlights the most important traffic laws you should remember when driving in Tennessee. Going through each point can help you understand how liability in car accidents comes into action when filing a lawsuit. If you need legal representation, Carlos Moore Law Group may be able to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your case.

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