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Why You Should Hire an Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer

Hiring an experienced brain injury attorney is essential when facing the complexities associated with traumatic brain injuries.

With a keen ability to determine liability, we investigate the circumstances leading to the injury, identify responsible parties, and build a strong case for compensation. Our experience extends to maximizing compensation, addressing not only current medical expenses but also anticipating future costs associated with ongoing rehabilitation and lost income. 

From initial claims to negotiations with insurance companies or courtroom representation, we provide invaluable guidance, supporting our clients and protecting their rights.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury in Tennessee

Traumatic brain injuries can result from various causes. Common factors include:

  • Falls
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Assaults
  • Sports and Recreational Activities
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Medical negligence
  • Bicycle or pedestrian accidents.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence or actions of others, you may seek legal advice to explore options for compensation and justice. Contact us now to arrange a consultation. We will collaborate with your healthcare providers to evaluate your condition and assist you in developing a strategy for your traumatic brain injury case.

A Traumatic Brain Injury Can Change Your Life

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a life-altering event that can have profound consequences, reshaping the course of one’s life in ways unimaginable.  It can manifest in various physical impairments, ranging from headaches and dizziness to motor skill deficiencies and paralysis.

Life after a traumatic brain injury requires a multifaceted approach, incorporating medical care, emotional support, and legal advocacy. If you or a loved one has experienced a brain injury, we can help! Our team of compassionate and experienced attorneys are here to assist you in understanding your rights, pursuing compensation, and charting a path towards rebuilding and adapting in the face of life-altering challenges. 

Contact us and let us be your advocates in this journey toward recovery and resilience.

What To Do if You Suffer a Brain Injury?

Suffering a brain injury is a profoundly challenging experience that necessitates both medical and legal considerations. The steps you take in the aftermath can significantly impact your recovery, well-being, and ability to seek compensation for damages. While the legal actions you should take may vary depending on the circumstances, the following guidelines can provide a general framework:

  • Prioritize your health by seeking prompt medical attention.
  • Document everything:  If the injury resulted from an accident, document the circumstances and any conversations that took place at the scene.
  • Preserve any evidence related to the incident.
  • Listen to your doctors: This not only ensures your health and recovery but also creates a documented trail of your efforts to address the injury.
  • Get legal advice from an experienced brain injury attorney:  An attorney can provide crucial guidance on your legal options, potential compensation, and the steps to take moving forward.
  • Be aware of the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Tennessee, which is usually one year. 
  • Inform your insurance company about the incident promptly.

Consult with an attorney early in the process to understand your specific situation and take appropriate legal steps to protect your rights and pursue compensation for the impact of the brain injury.

In Tennessee, Several Laws Play a Key Role in Brain Injury Claims

Brain injuries in Tennessee are primarily governed by personal injury laws.  The following legal principles generally apply:

  • Negligence Laws: If someone’s negligent actions or failure to act responsibly result in a brain injury, they may be held liable for the damages. Negligence laws provide the framework for establishing fault and determining liability.
  • Comparative Fault: Tennessee follows a modified comparative fault system.
  • Statute of Limitations: The statute of limitations sets a time limit within which legal action must be initiated. In Tennessee, personal injury claims, including those related to brain injuries, generally have a one-year statute of limitations. It’s crucial to file a lawsuit within this timeframe to preserve the right to seek compensation.
  • Damages and Compensation: Tennessee law allows individuals who have sustained brain injuries to seek various types of damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other economic and non-economic losses.  
  • Workers’ Compensation: If a brain injury occurs in the workplace, Tennessee’s workers’ compensation laws may come into play, providing benefits to individuals who suffer work-related injuries.
  • Product Liability: Manufacturers and sellers can be held responsible for injuries resulting from defective or dangerous products.
  • Premises Liability:  If a brain injury occurs due to a hazardous condition on someone else’s property, premises liability laws may be invoked.

What You Will Get Working With Carlos Moore

Carlos Moore  ensures that you have a dedicated and knowledgeable advocate by your side throughout the legal process. His familiarity with brain injury cases equips him with a deep understanding of the complexities involved, from assessing the immediate impact of the injury to projecting long-term consequences. With a proven track record in navigating the intricacies of personal injury law, Carlos Moore brings invaluable insights into determining liability, maximizing compensation, and strategically representing your interests. His commitment to each client goes beyond legal proficiency and providing compassionate support, recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals and their families in the aftermath of a brain injury. 

Work with Carlos Moore and gain a legal ally who is not only well-versed in the intricacies of brain injury litigation but also dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for your case, ensuring you receive the compensation and justice you deserve.

Contact us today.

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