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Why You Should Hire an Experienced Civil Rights Attorney

Hiring the services of a civil rights attorney in Memphis, TN, is paramount for individuals seeking compensation and protection against potential violations of their constitutional rights.  Civil Rights Attorneys understand Tennessee and federal laws, experienced in addressing instances of discrimination, police misconduct, or government overreach. 

In Memphis, where the legal landscape may have unique nuances, a local civil rights attorney is well-versed in the specific challenges that residents may face. Beyond their comprehensive knowledge of state and federal laws, an experienced civil rights attorneys bring a wealth of experience gained from handling diverse cases, allowing them to anticipate challenges and strategize effectively. Their familiarity with local courts, judges, and legal procedures is instrumental in navigating the intricacies of civil rights litigation.

Whether it is combating systemic issues or representing individuals in need, a civil rights attorney serves as a dedicated advocate for those seeking to uphold their fundamental rights within the legal framework.

Common Types of Civil Rights Cases

  • Civil rights issues encompass a range of situations where individuals may face discrimination, injustice, or violations of their constitutional rights. Some of these situations may be:
  • Police Misconduct: Allegations of excessive force, racial profiling, wrongful arrests, or other forms of police misconduct can give rise to civil rights violations.
  • First Amendment Violations:  Such as restrictions to freedom of speech, assembly, or religious practices, particularly in public spaces.
  • Discrimination: Based on race, gender, religion, disability, to mention some. Discrimination in the workplace, harassment, or retaliation against whistleblowers. Housing discrimination.
  • Unlawful arrests, false imprisonment, or prolonged detention without proper cause can lead to civil rights claims.
  • Excessive Use of Force
  • Prisoners’ Rights Violations/Prison Abuse: Infringements on constitutional rights 
  • Voting, educational and disability rights

Understanding Your Civil Rights

Understanding your civil rights in, is very important as it empowers individuals to navigate legal situations effectively and protect themselves against potential violations. The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ensures that no State shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor deny equal protection under the laws to any person within its jurisdiction. Violations of the Fourteenth Amendment by government officials may result in monetary damages, as outlined in 42 U.S.C. sec. 1983 for states and local governments, and Bivens v. Six Unknown Fed. Narcotics Agents, 403 U.S. 388 (1971) for federal agents. Additionally, citizens have rights under federal and state statutes to pursue damages actions for unlawful discrimination in various contexts, including employment, housing, and disabilities (ADA).

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