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Have You Suffered a Work-Related Injury or Illness?

Most employers must purchase workers’ compensation insurance to cover any injuries that happen on the job. In principle, this insurance aids individuals in recovering from accidents during their daily work activities.

An effective workers’ comp policy serves the interests of both employers and employees, mitigates labor disputes that could otherwise consume valuable company resources and enables workers to recuperate without the need for a struggle to secure time off. In more severe situations, it acts as a preventive measure, curbing the initiation of lawsuits between employers and employees.

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney may be necessary to ensure you receive fair treatment and the appropriate compensation for a workplace injury. Tennessee obligates employers with more than five employees to carry a policy and requires all construction and coal mining companies to carry insurance, regardless of size.

You need to understand that workers’ comp does not cover long-term disability.  It also covers injuries that happen while on the job so you can get better and come back to work without a long, drawn-out fight over related expenses.

Workers’ Compensation Policies Come With Two Main Benefits

1.Medicare for work-related injuries, which may include:

  • hospital expenses
  • rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • short-term nursing care
  • prescription drug costs
  • and more

2. Partial Wage Replacement

  • Partial wage replacement helps employees who are unable to work because of their injury supplementing their income when they cannot continue working on the same role or make as much money as they did before the injury.

Why Should You Hire an Experienced Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Memphis, TN?

If your benefits are denied, an experienced work comp attorney will become your advocate to strengthen your case and secure the assistance you require promptly. An experienced attorney possesses in-depth knowledge of these laws, ensuring that your case is handled in accordance with the specific regulations in your area. Insurance companies may attempt to minimize payouts, but an experienced attorney can negotiate with them to ensure you receive fair and just compensation. Their knowledge of common tactics used by insurers is invaluable in securing the benefits you deserve.  If your claim is denied, an attorney can guide you through the appeals process, addressing any deficiencies in your initial application and presenting a persuasive case to reverse the decision thus, ensuring your rights are upheld and securing the maximum benefits available to you.

Benefits That Injured Employees May Be Entitled to Receive

According to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development of the State of Tennessee, employees who have suffered a compensable injury, that is, an injury that has been determined by the authorized treating physician as work-related, may be entitled to receive the following:

  • Medical treatment, at no cost to the employee.

This treatment must be provided for as long as required by the authorized treating physician. 

  • Travel Expenses

Reimbursement for mileage to and from a medical treatment may be requested if travel exceeds 15 miles one way.

  • Temporary Disability Benefits (Wage Replacement)
  • Disability begins when the authorized treating physician takes you off work. Temporary disability benefits replace lost wages and are due beginning on the eighth day of the disability. 

If you are able to work, but your average weekly earnings are reduced because of work restrictions, you may be entitled to partial disability benefits.

Can an Employee be Fired for Reporting a Work Injury?

Absolutely not. In fact, it is illegal for an employer to terminate an employee in retaliation for reporting a work-related injury. This protection is guaranteed under workers’ compensation laws to safeguard employees from unfair treatment for exercising their rights.

If you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated due to reporting a work injury, it’s essential to take action. Our team is here to assist you in navigating this situation and advocating for your rights. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and support. We are committed to ensuring that justice is served and that you receive the protection and compensation you rightfully deserve.

If the authorized treating physician restricts your ability to work, such as limiting the number of hours worked or the type of work performed, it is very important that the physician’s instructions and restrictions are always followed. Failure to report for light duty offered by your employer may terminate your temporary disability benefits.

What You Will Get When You Work With Carlos Moore Law Group

You are selecting a dedicated and experienced legal team that prioritizes your well-being. We are not just attorneys; we are advocates committed to ensuring that justice is served and that you receive the protection and compensation you rightfully deserve.

This is what you get when you choose to work with our workers’ compensation attorneys:

  • Knowledge of Workers’ Compensation Laws:
  • Experience in Resolving Complex Cases
  • Dedication to Your Rights
  • Maximizing Your Benefits:
  • An advocate against retaliation

We are unwaveringly committed to safeguarding your rights.  Our goal is to ensure you receive fair and comprehensive compensation for the impact of your work-related injury.  We provide clear explanations of your options, rights, and work diligently to ensure that you are treated fairly and get the compensation you deserve. 

Call us today for a free consultation about your work injury.

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